First on-line customer!

Wangandary Olives welcomes their first on-line customer!

160430IMG_0530Wangandary Olives recently added an on-line shopping facility to their website for the convenience of their customers.

Soon after the shop ‘went live’ we received our first on-line order from Melbourne resident Faazil Hannif and his wife Sankalpa.

Because we just love celebrating special events at Wangandary Olives, we decided to ask Faazil if we could interview him at his new home in the Melbourne suburb of Travencor and deliver his order to him at the same time.

Self confessed food fanatics, Faazil and Sankalpa both love spending their spare time at weekends travelling through the near by Yarra Valley. When time permits they travel up to the King Valley in the State’s North East and often use Milawa as a base to explore the wineries, fine food restaurants, honey from the iconic Beechworth Honey Experience and olive oil makers in the region.

It was on one of these recent trips to Milawa when the couple first tried our organic extra virgin olive oil at one of our regional stockists, The Olive Shop in Milawa. As Faazil explained they just fell in love with our oil at first sip!

Our oil has now became Faazil’s trade mark ‘starter’ at dinner parties, in conjunction with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and little of our merlot balsamic vinegar.

The couple explained that their passion for our oil is only marginally matched by their love of Victorian wines. With a twinkle in his eye Faazil explained that because his father in law is a wine merchant their kitchen cupboards usually hold more wine and olive oil than food!

As our conversation drifted to Fiji where Faazil was born, New Zealand where he was brought up, London where he worked for two years and Italy where he was first introduced to extra virgin olive oil, he admitted to a third passion (besides our oil and his wife Sankalpa) and that was Portuguese Egg Tarts!

We certainly covered a lot of common ground during our conversation, so it was agreed that the next time Faazil and Sankalpa travelled to North East Victoria we would have lunch with Bill and Jill, who own and operate About Wangandary Olives, and discuss the finer things in life!