Olive Oil Labelling

Olive Oil Labelling

‘The olive oil market is fraught with dodgy labelling’

This story was recently published in www.news.com.au

Actual ‘extra virgin’ olive oil means the oil has been squeezed from the fruit whereas all other oils (sunflower, canola, etc.) are chemically extracted from the seed.

However, Australian Olive Association chief executive Lisa Rowntree told news.com.au in a recently published article, “the market is flooded with imported products that are labelled ‘extra virgin olive oil’ but actually aren’t due to lax standards in other countries.”

Lisa said “82 per cent of imported products (which makes up 60 per cent of supermarket sales) don’t meet the Australian standard for extra virgin olive oil.”

The Australian standard is currently a voluntary code and the industry association would like to see it become law to give the ACCC more power to haul infringers over the coals.

One of the things consumers should especially be on the alert for is ‘pure olive oil’, which, according to Lisa is anything but. She said: “Pure olive oil, light olive oil and extra light olive oil means absolutely nothing except that it is a fancy word for refined and deodorised oil”.

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