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Bill Baxter and Michel Renoux invite you to mix and match from possibly the world’s finest combination of award winning Australian Certified Organic Extra Virgin Oils and Apple Cider Vinegars.

Use it to dip and sip and share with a special friend, lover or business associate.


A rich green coloured extra virgin olive oil with an abundant flavour characterising autumn varieties combined with a slight tartness that adds zest to any food.


A traditional cider vinegar with a summer fruit flavour from fermented fresh berries. Made as long ago as Pre-Roman times and frequently used now as a base for salad dressings and sauces.


A fresh and fruity vinegar blended with merlot wine, perfect for salad dressings, or to pour over strawberries to enhance their flavour.


A pure clean unfiltered vinegar with good colour made from cider aged in oak and then left to oxidise.


One of the most highly acclaimed oil varieties in the world. It is a highly aromatic extra virgin olive oil with intense fruity characteristics.