Wangandary Olives Wins Two Gold and a Silver Award at the Australian Golden Olive Awards

Wangandary Olives Wins Two Gold and a Silver Award at the Australian Golden Olive Awards

After entering three categories in this year’s 2017 Northern Victorian Golden Olive Awards and walking away with two gold and one silver medal, Bill Baxter and his team at Wangandary Olives are still celebrating. Having exceeded last year’s gold and silver awards they are already planning for next year’s competition explained Annie O’Shea, Wangandary Olives Marketing Manager.

Chief Steward Laurel Nowacki who was the MC for the evening told the audience that the Australian Golden Olive Awards had broken many records this year. Every oil submitted won a medal with twelve of the seventy oils entered being judged as Gold. “These awards offer entrants the opportunity to benchmark against set criteria, receive invaluable independent feedback from industry experts, and be rewarded for excellence” explained Laurel.

Bill Baxter & Annie O'Shea at the Golden Olive Awards 2017A jubilant Annie O’Shea was as interested in the Judges tasting comments as much as she was the medals. Her favourite comment from the judges was for Bill’s Frantoio, Nevadillo Blanco blend EVOO“Chocolate pome artichoke – a greeness in fruit-clean palate. Robust and balanced. Lush complex and long”

Closely followed by the Frantoio EVOO“Spicy notes of nutmeg, artichoke leaf and rocket. Warm on palate with a long finish”

The Australian Golden Olive Awards is a prestigious national show which offers olive producers the opportunity to have their oil tested both chemical and organoleptic (senses – smell and taste) by an Internationally accredited panel based in Wagga Wagga. This is the only Australian Team recognised at this level and is subject to International standards. Most Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shows use the same laboratory and highly trained sensory panel – which is also used for assessment of oils from around the world.