Jutterbar’s opinion on the annual Wangandary Olives pickers lunch

“Where’s my drink?…would somebody call the RSPCA for me please!”

pickers-lunch“I spent all weekend in the Olive Grove picking and licking a prodigious number of Organically Certified Olives for my boss Bill and all I asked for was a small dry Martini with an olive, shaken and not stirred.”

“To be told not to sit at the Wangandary Olives lunch table with the other 30 or so pickers, and to go back to my inner sprung mattress in my air conditioned master bedroom at the big house, just doesn’t cut the mustard any more for me, especially after the experts have all been predicting the best crop of olives ever!”

Bill Baxter of Wangandary Olives had no comment to make when we approached him other than to point out that after the three large gin and tonics the dry Martini wouldn’t have even touched the sides.